Changes to the way we post Promo Codes

From 2023 there will be changes to the way we post promo codes

Changes to the way we post Promo Codes on our Social Media Channels

We post lots of promo codes on a daily basis, and recently we have started using YouTube in order to post more codes to make it more fun for you as well as more rewarding as well.

This blog post was posted on the 26th of November 2022 and just yesterday, 1 day ago we have posted this private message through our site:

So that was just 1 day ago. We have also posted about it in some of our social media channels as well.

Now, shortly after sending it we’ve received a lot of complaints from users telling us what benefit they would make having a code lasting even for 10 years but it can only be used once?!

These codes won’t reward old users neither

The codes, once used, will be dumped - and the content we made in order to share the codes along with it, will be less meaningful likewise.

In addition, this can open some doors for abuse, we could have 1000 codes available until 01.01.2025 and then every new user signing up and simply entering the codes one after another, or trying to create bots to do that - and that’s not our goal - codes must have a certain reasonable time before they expire.

From 2023 we won’t tell you when the codes expire!

This will be like other sites, who throw away promo codes to their members - they never tell when these codes will expire - instead, they can tell it can be claimed 40,000 times, or anything like that.

The same applies to shopping, when you grab a code to use with your shopping cart - sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

This is why from 01.01.2023 we have decided whenever we post a promo code, we won’t tell you when it expires, but on the same time some of these codes could be:

  • They could be worth 5, 10 or even 100 rolls.
  • Some of them can be used on a daily basis, some only once.
  • Some might even land you a big prize into your balance.
  • And some might be just worth 1 single roll that cannot be used more than once.

We think that’s a good business should run promo codes like these - the element of surprise will stay for you, the users - if we share or disclose more than what it is - then we ruin the purpose of the code and the purpose of the bonuses we’re giving you via our sites.

Compensation + Big Bonuses until the end of the year

We understand we’ve just told you we would be sending codes your way until 01.01.2025 and now we take it back - yes, even though we said so just yesterday, one day ago - we believe we should compensate you, the users, and make you happy with a better decision for all of you.

So that is why - from today, 26th of November 2022 until the end of the year we have decided the following:

  • All promo codes posted on all of our social media channels would be available to be used on a daily basis. That means anything we post from today until the end of the year is a code you can use on a daily basis, some of these codes are worth more than 1 roll as well.
  • Any codes we posted on our Youtube Shorts channel, including old codes - will also be available and extended until 01.01.2023 to be used on a daily basis.
  • We will be posting lots of codes, so the next 35 days are going to be full of bonuses, make sure you subscribe to our channels to not miss them.
  • We have even made it easier to find our channels by changing the navbar in our sites so now our social buttons are accessible on PC. Changes to the mobile version are coming soon as well.

We believe in transparency and this is why we’re sharing this information with you. This will be posted on our social media as well, so we would be happy to read your comments. Likewise, this blog post will remain in our blog, so you could always revisit this information whenever you wish to.